RC Reads – a Literacy Council in Rutherford County

Important Updates re: COVID-19
RCReads has suspended all in-person tutoring sessions, orientations, in-services and tutor trainings until further notice. The office will remain closed to the public, but staff are available by email and phone.

The statistics for Rutherford County are shocking.

23% of the adults in Rutherford County can Only Read at the 3rd Grade Level
10% are functionally illiterate

Rutherford County Reads is a new organization focused on providing free, quality educational programs to improve the reading and language skills of adults in Rutherford County.

Can you imagine life without reading skills?

How would you learn to drive, or understand road signs?

Think of how limited you’d be in the workplace?

How would you balance a checkbook?

You wouldn’t be able to help your children with their homework or read to your grandchildren.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

RC Reads is run by a group of passionate volunteers. You can help by: volunteering, donating, referring students, or even participating with the group.