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Rutherford County Library

The Rutherford County Library, established in 1938 as a bookmobile library, was housed in the Norris Library until 1965.  The county library moved to two other locations before the current building was opened to the public in January 1983.  The library holdings include strong adult fiction and nonfiction collections and an important local history and genealogy collection.  Children's programs are offered throughout the year.


Haynes Branch Library

The Haynes Branch Library began in Cliffside during the 1920's.  In 1977, the library was moved to its current location, and named the Haynes Branch Library in honor of Raleigh Rutherford Haynes, one of the founders of the area's textile industry.  The library features well-balanced collections of fiction for children and adults, nonfiction and reference books, and a video collection.  Children's reading programs are offered each summer.


Mountains Branch Library

The Mountains Branch Library was opened to the public in October 1995. In addition to a core collection of books, the library also houses collections of videotapes, audiocassettes and CDs. Adult and children's programs are offered throughout the year. A meeting room is available for community programs.

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